All Cars Stop Here

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All Cars Stop Here  請在此站停車 is a 00 (1:76) scale Hong Kong Tramways microlayout completed in early 2019 to exhibit and operate my collection of Hong Kong tram models and completed seven exhibitions between March and September of that year.

The layout suffered serious damage as a result of this 'exhibition marathon' and consequently was withdrawn from exhibition life and later dismantled.

Work has started with a replacement laser cut board 730mm x 207mm (28.75 ins x 8 ins) centred around a typical Hong Kong Tram Stop served by trams in both directions. The mock-up above shows what is being planned at this early stage. 

Please keep viewing to see updates throughout 2020.

Update 25/01/2020

Second stage ground build up to rail level.
Track inserts completed

Layout mocked up to check clearances
Trams tested.
Because of 28.75ins board length, only one tram can run on each track.  

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